Penguins take over the world in this
word-teaching tug-of-war game!

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A set of 4 game controllers that physically snap together
via magnets, encouraging inter-personal play

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It takes two to see the full spectrum of color (with Erica Zhao)
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Days of College

A day in the life of a USC freshman.
Study, Socialize, or Sleep? (with David Hollin, Joshua Joiner)

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Single Player Game

The story of Hiro Tumenevryware's quest
to win the heart of every woman on earth

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Surume: The Little Squid

Hunt the exotic fish of the ocean depths
to keep your spouse happy

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Some Day

An MFA thesis by Lulu Cao.
Give this young girl a helping hand
as she explores the world around her


Bon Voyage

A trade and adventure game for the iPhone
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Tunnel Fission

A one button game co-created(with Zachary Boehm) for Kokoromi's GAMMA IV challenge.
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The Towers Effect

Transform the grey blocks in this level into different types of Hypermatter
[prop artist]